Skype Call 2

Today we are making our second Skype call to out-of-state individuals.  Our first one was with the BioAusable team.  This one is with Gerald Ohs who works with CAWST.  He has taken part in many mission trips with bio-sand filters as a major point of them.  He and a group of other people have gone on trips to other countries where they have given classes to villagers on how to use, build, and maintain bio-sand filters.

Affordability is a major concern with bio-sand filters.  People also don’t realize that most of their illnesses and diseases come from dirty water.  There is a lack of understanding in third world countries preventing people from making the connection between illness and unsanitary water.  It is very important to teach people how the bio-sand filters work and how to fix them.  One way to teach them is through illustrated manuals rather than written descriptions.  Click Here to see the notes for this meeting.


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