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Welcome to our “Meet the Team” page!  Scroll down to find biographies for each member of the team.

Abby Timmermeyer - Edit

Abby Timmermeyer

Abby Timmermeyer is a junior at Sand Creek High school and is apart of the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams program. She works very hard on the project, and is appreciative to have the wonderful opportunity to be a part of such a monumental milestone in the history of both community service and the school’s environment. When not in school, Abby loves running and walking her dogs in her signature fun-loving and active personality.

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Brian Zipplies

Brian Zipplies is an 11th grader at Sand Creek High School who creates graphics to help raise awareness of the water problems in Haiti, uses programs like Autodesk Inventor to create parts or entire bio-sand filters digitally, and helps with brainstorming ideas for the creation of an improved biosand filter or any other means of cleaning water.

Brody Strunk - Edit

Brody Strunk

Brody Strunk, a native Coloradan, is a class of 2015 student at Sand Creek High School.  He is a full candidate in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. In addition to taking his studies seriously, he enjoys playing and writing guitar and piano in his band, Letters to the Living.

Eric Metcalf - Edit

Eric Metcalf

Eric is a senior at Sand Creek High School. He is a varsity wrestler and has a passion for engineering. Eric plans to receive a Masters Degree in Petroleum Engineering, and eventually work for Shell or BP. Eric is a hard worker and the head of construction for the Sand Creek InvenTeam.

Evan Dutch - Edit

Evan Dutch

Evan Dutch is a senior at Sand Creek. He has always had a passion for clean water, and plans to continue working towards global solutions after high school. Evan plans to receive a Ph.D. in Physics from CU Boulder, and one day work at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland.

Grace jiang - Edit

Grace Jiang

Grace Jiang is currently a senior at Sand Creek High School. In high school, she has been dedicated to cross country and track and of course, engineering. The passion for engineering came from her desire to truly make a difference in the world. She is excited to see the extent this project will reach and hopes the future engineering students at Sand Creek will also be presented with such incredible opportunities. Grace looks forward to going to CU Boulder next year and majoring in chemical engineering.

Ian McMorran - Edit

Ian McMorran

Ian is a senior at Sand Creek High School whose interests include photography, technical theatre, and magic.  In school, Ian is involved in activities such as theatre, knowledge bowl, yearbook, and, of course, the InvenTeam.  Ian excels in math and science, but not so much in English, although he can hold his own.  Outside of school, Ian spends his time being with friends and family, playing dungeons and dragons, taking photos, and fencing.  Ian plans to one day be an electrical engineer after earning either his masters or bachelors degree.

Jack Janzen - Edit

Jack Janzen

Jack is the head of the testing team on the SCHS InvenTeam. He plans on studying engineering in college, preferably at CU Boulder, but he’s not yet sure of which field to pursue. As well as Engineering, Jack is also an active participant in the theatre program and Knowledge Bowl team.

Jordan Nahabetian - Edit

Jordan Nahabetian

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Jordan Nahabetian is currently a junior at Sand Creek High School. She is a varsity volleyball player who strives to be successful both in her schooling and her extracurricular activities. As part of the Sand Creek InvenTeam, she hopes to inspire younger generations to make an effort in creating a lasting change. Although she is still deciding on her plans for the future, she knows that she wants a career where she can utilize her creativity while incorporating her passions: helping animals, protecting the environment, and mathematics.

Joe Ralph - Clean

Joe Ralph

Student Bio coming soon!.

Josiah Robison - Edit

Josiah Robison

Josiah is a junior at Sand Creek this year, and his primary role on the team is as an advisor to the other groups. He uses his knowledge of a wide variety of subject matters in order to provoke meaningful thought, discussions, and work amongst teammates. He believes that his role in this project will help propel him forward into a career in business management.  In his free time, Josiah can be found gaming and spending time with friends and family.

Keenan Morgan - Edit

Keenan Morgan

Keenan Morgan is a senior at Sand Creek. He is interested in Baseball, Football, and any other sport on ESPN. He likes to figure out how things work and ways to improve them. He plans on going to college at Olivet Nazarene University in Chicago. He plans to study mechanical engineering and play baseball as a third baseman for the college.

K'Lee Romero - Edit

K’Lee Romero

I am currently a junior with dreams of changing the world.  Is a very hard working student.  When not at school, I work part time as an unpaid nanny, babysitting my two nephews.  In my free time, I like to paint my nails or practice yoga.  Loves to play volleyball.

Micayla Gilbert - Edit

Micayla Gilbert

Micayla Gilbert is a senior this year and she is taking the role of probiotics Researcher and a lead in design for the Eureka Fest booth. She takes interest in mechanical and architectural engineering, as a hobby she has played competitive soccer for ten years. One of the things that makes her the most happy is helping others. She is very creative and loves to figure out how things work and redesign them for improvement. She plans on attending CU Boulder in fall 2014 to receive a degree in mechanical engineering. When she is older she would like to be a successful engineer and work for IDEO or Google one day.

Mitchell Ross - Edit

Mitchell Ross

Mitchell Ross is a senior at Sand Creek High School, He is currently planning to attend either MIT or CU boulder the next year. Mitchell is currently involved in the schools AFJROTC program as a squadron commander, in addition he is working on the schools Inventeam project to improve the bio sand filter.

Philip Garcia - Edit

Philip Garcia

Philip Garcia is a current junior at Sand Creek High School, Colorado Springs, CO. Hobbies of his include graphic design, men’s volleyball, weightlifting, and the occasional stroll in the snow. He looks forward to a higher education in either Political Sciences or Biomedical Engineering with the possibility of exploring a career in professional graphic and media design.

Phillip Dupree - Edit

Phillip Dupree

Phillip is a junior at Sand Creek High School who is a well-balanced engineer and loves doing hard work along with helping others out. His role in the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam, is being head of materials and helping out with construction of the filter. When he’s not working hard, Phillip is exercising his skill in piano and drums as well as DJ’ing. His love of the musical arts and learning make this rounded student one-of-a-kind.

Quentin Kern - Edit

Quentin Kern

Quentin Kern is a junior at Sand Creek high school who is involved several clubs including the Sand Creek InvenTeam.  His main educational interests are in theoretical physics and mathematics.  Outside hobbies include weightlifting, men’s volleyball, and boxing. His goal is to graduate college with a degree in Aeronautical engineering and physics and become an Officer in the United States Air force or Navy.

Riley Schroeder - Edit

Riley Schroeder

Riley Schroeder is a determined junior at Sand Creek High School. Keen on organization, he balances his schoolwork with his efforts on the InvenTeam and DJ’ing with his friends. While torn on whether he most wants to be an engineer or an entrepreneur, Riley plans on attending Harvey Mudd College in California to obtain a degree in engineering.

Robert Brandt - Edit

Robert Brandt

Robert Brandt is a senior in high school at Sand Creek. Robert loves to play soccer and snowboard. Robert would like to pursue an education in Electrical Engineering. Robert’s inspiration to becoming an engineer was his dad who told him all about the cool space gadgets that were being developed and tested when he was stationed in Florida for six months. These stories inspired him to start to make things.  Robert’s role models in life are Justin Furstenfeld and Frank Sinatra.

Todd Matia - Edit

Todd Matia

Todd Matia is a cutting edge educator who provides quality, real-world opportunities for his students.  He brings real-world experience into the classroom as the CEO of his own web-based business, the CEO of the Colorado Engineering Summit, and as one who is involved in large-scale technical sales. He also has 14 years of classroom experience and has taught at major universities around the United States as a Master Teacher for the world-renowned Project Lead the Way Pre-engineering Program.In addition to the enjoyment of a rich career in teaching, he loves being married to the most amazing woman in the world, rock climbing, eating delicious food, traveling, going on adventures, and being a Young Life Leader!

Trevor Altenbernd - Edit

Trevor Altenbernd

Student bio coming soon!

Tyler Smith - Edit

Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith is a Junior at Sand Creek. He enjoys computer programming, hockey, and solving complex problems. As an analytical thinker, Tyler is very well-suited for this project, and is very proud to have the honor of taking part in this project. His primary roles on the InvenTeam involve materials, research, and some aspects of construction. He hopes to be as beneficial as possible to the team.


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